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Live Scan Promotion

Post by Fresno Fingerprinting. Fresno Fingerprinting790 W. Shaw Ave, suite#264 Fresno, CA, 93704 USA • 559-244-0969

How Live Scan Work?

HOW EXACTLY DOES LIVE SCAN WORK? Live Scan is a computer system that digitally scans the characteristic patterns of an individual’s finger and palm. Once the prints are taken, depends on the level(s) of clearance the requesting agency is require, the Live Scan technician can than submit the digital fingerprintsRead the Rest…

Uniqueness of Fingerprints

SOME COOL THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT YOUR FINGERPRINTS. 1 – How did your fingerprints formed? The patterns on the tips of your fingers were formed from pressure when you’re just a developing fetus in your mothers womb. 2 – Have you ever wonder how or why your fingerprint wasRead the Rest…

FBI Ink Card Fingerprinting

Something you should know about FBI Ink Card Fingerprinting. Imagine a world without computer? Imagine a world that everything are done by human minds and hands? Click here to learn some more about the history and background of FBI Ink card fingerprinting. Post by Fresno Fingerprinting.

Live Scan Discount | Live Scan Fees

IS LIVE SCAN A NECESSITY? If your agency is required by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and /or Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to Live scan your employees or new hires,(in another word, the DOJ & FBI want to conduct a criminal background check clearance on your new hires) thereRead the Rest…

Live Scan Location In Fresno CA area

Fresno Fingerprinting is located inside Fig Garden Village Shopping Center. Our exact location: Inside this 3 stories building, 2nd Floor, Suite # 264, directly above WELLSFARGO BANK, on the Northeast corner of Shaw and Palm. Easy access, plenty of parking spaces, in and out fast. No appointments needed. Welcome allRead the Rest…

Live Scan Services $5 OFF

QR CODE OFFER EXPIRED; Live Scan service or FBI Ink card fingerprinting fee. OFFER EXPIRED. Click Here To Learn More About Us Ink Card Services Live Scan Services Map Contact Us Fees Resources home

Live Scan Fingerprint Services

live scan

Live Scan. Who needs it? 1. Applicants who are applying for your California State Licensing or Certification you will need to be Live Scanned. If you are getting your Doctors, Lawyers and Nurses Licenses or Stock broker, Contractor, and Business Licenses, or you will be coaching at your son orRead the Rest…

Live Scan

live scan fingerprinting

Live Scan Electronic Live Scan is the quickest and most efficient way in getting your fingerprinted. Also, it is the fastest way to getting your prints result back from the Department of Justice and/ or FBI. Electronic Live Scan is the most common used among agencies when requesting for aRead the Rest…

Live Scan Services

Fresno Fingerprinting offer Digital Live Scan Services, Live Scan discount, mobile services to bigger groups at no extra charge. We offer discount to agency who sends their new hires to be Live Scan on regular basis. Digital Live Scan is the fastest as far as getting the result back fromRead the Rest…

Fresno Fingerprinting is FBI approved and DOJ Certified Live Scan and FBI Ink Card Fingerprinting Service Provider in FRESNO, CA. We offer the lowest fees for Live Scan, FBI Ink card fingerprinting and Passport Photos services. Also, we have discount for groups, such as Non-profit Organization, Churches, Schools, students and Employers who send their employees to get Live Scan and/ or FBI Ink card on a regular basis. We offer Mobile services to as far South as Bakersfield, CA and as far North as Sacramento.

Our office is located on the Northeast corner of Shaw and Palm, just above Wells Fargo Bank, inside Fig Garden Village. If you have a group of people let our technicians come to you at no additional charge! Contact our office for more information.